NAVI.GG.BET — in the PEL Kick-Off Cup playoffs!

PUBG / News / 2 May 2019 — 16:33

NAVI takes second place in group A!

ru NAVI.GG.BET made it to the PEL Kick-Off Cup playoffs after taking second place in Group A! The final part of the tournament will begin tomorrow, but for now, we are summarizing the final day of the group stage.

Match # Result Map
1 12th place (6 kills) Erangel
2 1st place (10 kills) Erangel
3 1st place (11 kills) Miramar
4 9th place (9 kills) Miramar

On the first Erangel, ru NAVI could not overcome tr Digital Athletics in a gunfight and left the battle on the twelfth place. But then the Born to Win had a second wind: in the second draw, the squad successfully passed all challenges, took the first place and got ten kills in total.

Feeling their own strength, ru NAVI went to the desert map Miramar with renewed vigor. And the victory was not long in coming! One more first place and eleven points for kills were added to the squad's asset. Also, all ru NAVI.GG.BET players were leaders in the amount of damage done on this map.

Having secured at least second place in the standings, on the last map Miramar, ru NAVI tried to catch up with the leader of the group eu Desperado. Our squad stopped in ninth place, but earned nine points for the kills and left the European team in sixteenth place. So, in total for all game days, the team earned 101 points and got 66 kills.

The playoff of the PEL Kick-Off Cup will begin on May 3rd at 18:00 CEST. The ru Natus Vincere will have twelve matches over the course of three days, during which the team will fight with the fifteen best squads from groups A and B.

Place Team Kills Total
1 eu Desperado 71 114
2 ru NAVI.GG.BET 66 101
3 kz Se7en eSports 61 95
4 ru Unity 56 81
5 kz AVANGAR 48 78
6 ru Tornado energy 49 76
7 tr Besiktas esports 45 66
8 tr Digital Athletics 42 63
9 Canada Reciprocity 40 58
10 eu Team Vitality 39 55
11 zz CrowCrowd 37 55
12 eu RYE Gaming 37 55
13 eu Pittsburgh Knights 35 49
14 ru M19 25 46
15 tr We need a home 29 44
16 ru Red Diamonds 13 20