NAVI Apex Legends team is complete!

APEX / News / 3 May 2019 — 13:19

Artem "pkmk" Nechaev joins NAVI

Esports club ua Natus Vincere finalized Apex Legends roster: the third player is ru Artem "pkmk" Nechaev. Previously Artem played for the Born to Win during ProApexLegends Spring Madness show tournament in April.

ru Pkmk is not a novice on the pro scene: he started the esports career in 2016 as part of zz TORNADO ROX Overwatch team. Later, battle royale by Respawn Entertainment attracted Artem, and he demonstrates consistently accurate shooting and exceptionally aggressive gameplay.

In May zz NAVI Apex Legends will gather for a bootcamp in Kyiv.

byAleksandr Kravchuk
NAVI.Apex Legends manager

"Hooray! We have finally gathered full team, and have started to prepare for the future tournaments. I am sure Artem is going to support team in terms of tactics. I also see strong analytical skills and leadership qualities.

While everyone is waiting for tournament announcements, we will practice at Apex.Pro League, and plan to achieve consistently good results within a month. Cheer for NAVI!"

ruArtem "pkmk" Nechaev
NAVI.Apex Legends player

"I am sincerely grateful to the organization and the teammates for their faith in me and an opportunity to be a part of Natus Vincere. I will do everything possible on my behalf to make sure we conquer all the heights of Apex Legends".

NAVI.Apex Legends team:

by Nikita "
clawz" Marchinsky
by Alexei "cYpheR" Yanushevsky
ru Artem "pkmk" Nechaev

by Aleksandr Kravchuk (manager)