PEL Kick-off Cup: Playoffs Day 1 recap

PUBG / News / 3 May 2019 — 19:39

The results of the first day of the playoffs

The first day of the final stage of the PEL Kick-off Cup is behind us. The results of the ru NAVI.GG.BET performance is summarized in this material.

Match # Result Map
1 12th place (2 kills) Miramar
2 9th place (3 kills) Miramar
3 2nd place (10 kills) Erangel
4 7th place (2 kills) Erangel

In the first draw, ru NAVI fell under the hail of enemy gunfire. Understanding the hopelessness of the situation and not wanting to give the opponents the points for the kills, the squad remained behind the zone and taking the twelfth place. The situation could not be redeemed on the second map of Miramar: the guys finished ninth and went to prepare for Erangel.

After fighting for an important camp and occupying a favorable position by the end of the third draw, ru NAVI remained in the top three. They had to face with eu Team Liquid: Born to Win tried to act carefully, but still could not shoot out the leader of the standings. The result - the second place and ten kills in the asset of the "yellow-black". Finishing the day on a positive note was not an easy task: the last Erangel ended for us in seventh place.

    Place Team Kills Total
    1 eu Team Liquid 48 83
    2 kz Se7en eSports 20 33
    3 kz AVANGAR 19 26
    4 eu Desperado 12 25
    5 ru NAVI.GG.BET 17 24
    6 eu FaZe Clan 16 23
    7 tr Digital Athletics 15 21
    8 tr Besiktas esports 9 21
    9 ru Unity 13 19
    10 eu Ninjas in Pyjamas 13 16
    11 fi ENCE 11 16
    12 nl Zoekt een naam 13 15
    13 eu Team 3DMAX 6 11
    14 ru Jokers 8 10
    15 ru Northern Lights Team 6 9
    16 ru Tornado energy 6 8

At the moment, the squad of the Born to Win takes the fifth line of the tournament table, with 24 points in its asset. The battles will continue tomorrow at 18:00 CEST. Join and support ru Natus Vincere! #NAVINATION