PPL 2019: against Team Envy

News / 16 May 2019 — 11:47

4 : 3 — victory!

In the eighth week of the Paladins Premier League 2019, eu NAVI.GG.BET is facing two matches. The first is a Bo7 against ua Team Envy.

The game against this team was the one to start the season for the yellow-black. The starting match was not very successful: with a score of 2: 4, eu Natus Vincere lost to ua Team Envy.

Now our guys have a great opportunity to take revenge, but it’s obviously not easy to do. ua Team Envy is on the third line of the tournament table and wants to earn points in each match to avoid dropping lower.

But the “yellow-black” need the points as well because the struggle in the middle of the standings is fierce. In other words, the match will turn out to be extremely tense, but due to the level of the participants, it is very spectacular.

Paladins Premier League 2019 (BO7)
May 16, 19:00 CEST
  • Faenex
  • Mutu
  • Laizy
  • Creativs2
  • spunkki

Team Envy
  • RuBBu
  • randomnoobtv
  • Tulky
  • rockmonkey
  • MrHaze
The first map — Warder's Gate — It turned out to be very tense: despite all the efforts of our guys, the enemy still came out victorious — 4 : 2. The second map turned out to be completely unsuccessful for eu Natus Vincere: “yellow-black” managed to take only one round into their asset.

The third map turned out to be quite nervous: yielding as the game progressed, our guys managed to take all their strength and eventually came out victorious — 4 : 3! But on the fourth map, the players of us Team Envy showed the strength of will and won almost a lost map: 4 : 3. However, our guys didn't show their best in the last round.

Incredibly tense fifth map. eu NAVI players nullified all enemy attempts to bring the score to victory - 2 : 3 in the series! Our guys won the next map on the roll, losing just one round — 4: 1! The outcome of the entire series was finally determined in the seventh map: “yellow-black” emerged victorious from this match, eventually winning with the score 4 : 3!