Happy Birthday, Laizy!

News / 30 May 2019 — 05:08

Happy Birthday!

Today is the birthday of dk Kevin “Laizy” Jensen, a member of the eu NAVI.GG.BET Paladins lineup! Kevin joined the team just over a year ago, and we are pleased that such a dedicated and hardworking player defends the colors of ua Natus Vincere!

Before joining Paladins, dk Laizy played League of Legends on a professional level. After switching from the discipline, Kevin has proved himself in a Swedish team se NiP.

Together with dk Laizy, eu NAVI won first place in the Paladins Summer Finals 2018, became the leaders of the Paladins Premier League Fall, without losing any of the eight meetings, and earned silver in the Paladins World Championship 2019. The team is currently located in the American town of Alfaretta, where it continues to compete in .

On behalf of ua Natus Vincere, we wish dk Laizy a happy birthday and wish him that he never stops going forward. We hope that Kevin will continue to delight us with a great game and together with the team will show an excellent result at PPL 2019! #NAVINATION