Edward. Best moments in NAVI

CS2 / News / 2 June 2019 — 11:01

Have fun watching!

We decided to recall the most vivid episodes of the ua Ioann "Edward" Sukhariev's game in a yellow-black jersey. During his stay in the ua NAVI.GG.BET team, Vanya made a lot of sick frags, won multiple critical clutches, and also made more than ten aces!

It'd be a crime not to start a compilation with a legendary story from CS 1.6. In the game against se fnatic at the Arbalet Cup Best of four, ua Edward quickly pushed short, caught the Swedish players off guard and made an ace in a pistol round.

In the semi-finals of the IEM San Jose ua Edward won one of the best clutches of 2015 (1 vs 4), bringing back hope to the team and self-confidence. Vanya in the current situation played out perfectly and didn't give us Team Liquid an opportunity to get the eighth match point.

At MLG Columbus 2016, Vanya demonstrated his best game in a Major tournament, completing the championship with a rating of 1.28 and + 48 KD. In the finals, ua Edward won the most important clutch 1 vs 3 during the overtime.

After losing to the team ca Ghost in the first round, the Born toWin were on the verge of getting dropped out from DreamHack Masters Stockholm 2018. The guys had to fight with the team us NRG for the right to stay in the tournament. The fate of the match was bound to be decided on the third map, and ua Edward came to the rescue in a very critical situation for the team: he was last remaining player against four, and Vanya successfully won the round!

At the Adrenaline Cyber Cup, ua Edward has once again proved that composure and prudence in clutch situations are above all.

Before moving on to Vanya's ace-clutch, let us recall the Ace within the ESL Pro League Winter Finals 2014/15. After the failure in the first round, ua NAVI and pl met in the knockout match. It is rather unusual that our guys allowed pl VP to take their signature Cache, but this did not prevent ua Edward from making this a memorable game!

And here is the one and only clutch 1 vs 5 featuring ua Edward! It happened in the first round of the final match with fr Titan.