POKAMOLODOY: "Major is the goal"

PUBG / News / 5 June 2019 — 19:22

POKAMOLODOY shares his thoughts

PUBG Europe League representatives had a talk with ru NAVI PUBG player ru Vadim  "POKAMOLODOY" Ulshin. Vadim summarized the results of the Kick-Off Cup and the last three weeks of the second phase of PEL, and also outlined plans for the game season. 

— Over the year spent as a member of the Born to Win, how did your life, habits, personality change?

— This year was very tense, numerous tournaments took a lot of time, there was little time left for personal life and rest. Well, habits, they change over time - you have to adjust to the rhythm of the game.

- Before the PEL Kick-Off Cup, what was your relationship with ru Bestoloch, ru Adouz1e and ru ceh9?

— Never really talked much.

— How do you feel about your result at the Kick-Off Cup, and what are the reasons behind the team taking the 13th place in the finals?

— We took the 13th place because we did not play our default, not from our spot. Both on Erangel and Miramar.

— There, you had to play against former teammates. Did it somehow affect the game?

— No, it had no effect.

— What were you working on most after the Kick-Off Cup and what were you preparing for the second phase?

— Preparation for the second phase wasn't different from the Kick-Off Cup. We played from our spots and trained individually.

— What do you think, what is the probability that you will make it to the GLL Grand Slam?

— If we maintain the same level of play as now, we will make it to the major.

- After three weeks of PEL, what can you say about your game as a whole, are you satisfied and what are your goals for the current phase and season?

— There were bad days that we are trying to cover with good days for points. The main goal is the major and top-1 EU.