Pkmk — about the new patch in Apex Legends

APEX / News / 6 June 2019 — 01:42

Pkmk - about the latest updates

ru Artem "pkmk" Nechaev shared his view on the latest patch in Apex Legends, which brought the new in-game event "Legendary Hunt". The new version of the game brought mixed emotions to Artem.

ruArtem "pkmk" Nechaev
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The new patch brings mixed feelings to me. To start things off, the muzzle flash was finally removed (disabling the flash via the commands in the config file), and this is cool. But the commands that allowed you to make a custom resolution were disabled, which is evil, because not all have top-end hardware to play on the stable FPS.

And most importantly, why I got a ton of negative emotions: the game removed heal + bunnyhop, which, in turn, absolutely everyone were using. Why this was done, if it was a pretty cool mechanic, tied to your skill and performance, remains a question.

About the "Elite Games". It is not yet clear how this will work in the future, but for a couple of such matchmaking I didn’t really feel the difference. I hope that with the release of the second season they will add the promised optimization, but for now it looks more like a hotfix update than something global.

The details of the patch can be found by clicking on the following .