ESL Premiership Summer 2019: against Who knows

R6 / News / 6 June 2019 — 08:18

The game starts at 22:00 CEST

Today, the new lineup of gb NAVI.GG.BET will debut under the yellow-black banner. This game is a part of ESL Premiership Summer 2019, the format — best of 1.

The rival will be the team with an interesting name — gb Who knows. This team is in the middle of the standings, having only played 2 games, and finishing both with a draw. It is worth noting, however, that these were fights with fairly strong rivals - eu Team Secret and eu T3H Esports.

The position of gb NAVI in the standings is somewhat better. Our guys defeated gb Exillium Esports and gb Demise. This allowed the “yellow-black” to take the first line of the tournament table.

Join the live match and support gb Natus Vincere! Sure, the guys will repay the fans not only a beautiful game, but also a positive result.