Meet the player «Boombl4»

CS2 / News / 7 June 2019 — 22:12

Kirill «Boombl4» Mikhailov — new blood in the NAVI.GG.BET

The time has come to introduce the fans of ua NAVI.GG.BET to the new addition of our CS: GO team, ru Kirill "Boombl4" Mikhailov. Let's recall how Kirill made his way to Counter-Strike, the story of the creation of his nickname, and also we'll tell you about the player's path into a professional scene.

Kirill got acquainted with Counter-Strike as far back as in CS 1.6. This was thanks to the efforts of Kirill's uncle, who at the time wanted to become a professional player, but has not achieved his goal. However, ru Boombl4 did not stay for long in a legendary shooter game and after a short passion to CS 1.6, he switched to LoL.

ru Kirill "Boombl4" Mikhailov
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“With the game Counter-Strike, I got introduced in version 1.6. Back then my uncle played the game, who tried to make it into the pro scene, but he did not succeed. So as a result, he brought me to this game. Then I left to play LoL and played for about two years, I achieved relatively good results there, but I realized that this was not my game. CS has always been interesting to me, but I never realized what esports is.

And when I saw professional matches and that there are actual teams, and there are world championships, after that, I told myself just one phrase: “I can play as good as they are!” And for me, it was a push when I started to practice hard. I set a goal to get into the first team. And also just strive for the best. ”

This is how the future ua Natus Vincere player's path began in esports. Other than the first experience of the team game, LoL also gave Kirill his nickname.

ru Kirill "Boombl4" Mikhailov
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“This story happened in the days of LoL, around 2013–2014. I played LoL with the team and was a toxic player. I was young enough, eager to win, and someone just said to me: "You are butthurt - boom and boom". And I thought, “Really cool nickname!” Thus, I set myself this nickname, and somehow it stuck with me. ”

The first steps in the professional Counter-Strike ru Boombl4 carried out with the ru Pufiki mix as part of the ECS Season 2 EU Development qualification. It was also Kirill's first appearance on The rival of the ru Pufiki turned out to be the Finnish five fi LGR, for which the current coach and player fi ENCE fi twista and fi xseveN were performing at the time. The game ended with a score of 26: 23 in favor of the Finns, and ru Boombl4 finished the fight with a rating of 1.02; 35-29 KD and 65.7 ADR.

ru Kirill "Boombl4" Mikhailov
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“My first official match was for the mix. We reached the 1/8 or 1/4 stage of the ECS tournament, and this match was covered by HLTV. Back then we lost on Cache to the Finns from the team fi LGR, it was a start and a good experience. The longest journey i had at that time was with ru Sailas, ru Patrik, ru onebyone and ru firestarter. ”

The first serious organization for Kirill was ru EPG, which provided him with all the opportunities for development as a professional player. As in the case of ru electronic, ru hooch presented Boombl4 a chance to prove himself, he was impressed by the Kirill's play at one of the LANs in Moscow.

ru Kirill "Boombl4" Mikhailov
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“I was recommended to ru EPG by ru hooch when I performed well at the LAN tournament in Moscow. After that, ru ub1que asked me to join the team. There were no highlights, it was my first professional team. I started very well, but it didn’t end so well: we didn’t qualify for minor and peacefully disbanded. ”

Alas, as part of the ru EPG Kirill was not able to achieve serious success. After the failure at CIS Minor Krakow 2017, the team decided to stop playing together. Later in the career of ru Boombl4 there was a period where he performed in various mixes. It lasted for about three months until he joined lt Kvik and ru balblna with two former teammates. Subsequently, the ru QBF lineup was formed, thanks to which the whole world learned about ru Boombl4.

As in the ru EPG, the guys for a long time could not boast of outstanding results, until they shoot out at the CIS Minor Boston 2018. For this, we had to successfully overcome one of the open qualifications, where on the way to the cherished spot, ru Boombl4 faced with the former team ru EPG (2: 1), and in the decisive match, he defeated by Nemiga Gaming (2: 0).

As for the CIS Minor, then ru QBF was on the verge of departure even at the group stage. In the first round, the team lost to kz AVANGAR and fell to the lower bracket, where they met with kz Tengri and literally snatched victory from the Kazakh team. Then came the match with ru forZe, which was no longer so dramatic: the ru QBF team won and reached the playoffs.

Successfully overcoming the semi-finals, the guys again faced kz AVANGAR. The fight took place on three maps, and the Kazakh five again won (2: 1). As a result, the fate of the second ticket to the Major tournament was to be decided by ru QBF and ru Team Spirit. Despite losing their own pick (Inferno), the team did not lose their cool and made another comeback. The failure of the past Minor ru Boombl4 completely compensated in the qualifications to the Boston tournament, ending the competition in the top three players with a rating of 1.18.

The rest is history, and we all remember the incredible performance of ru QBF at ELEAGUE Major Boston. At first, the guys successfully overcame the “New Challengers” stage, although they were outsiders, and experts predicted a ru QBF to drop out with 0–3 score. It is noteworthy that in the decisive match to reach the next round of the tournament, the ru QBF beat kz AVANGAR.

The “New Challengers” stage unexpectedly for many was conquered by ru QBF, but then even the most optimistic fans were pleasantly surprised to see such a confident game of the Russian team at the “New Legends” stage. And, most importantly, in what manner ru QBF achieved this! pl Virtus.prokz Gambit, and eu mousesports were defeated one after another. And in the game against eu mousesports, the guys made an incredible comeback: after losing the first half (2:13), the team gave the opponent only one point and won with a score of 16:14! The only defeat ru QBF suffered at this stage is in the match with fr G2.

However, the paths of ua NAVI and ru QBF were crossed in the playoffs, where our team did not give a single moment to doubt their status of the favorites. In addition, in this meeting, ru Egor “flamie” Vasilyev set a record in the major tournaments in terms of frags in one half of the match (32). Kirill is sure that success in Boston was promoted by the fact that the team caught the courage and, after success in the New Challengers stage, they felt confident in their abilities.

ru Kirill "Boombl4" Mikhailov
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“Success for the team ru QB Fire in Boston is nothing but courage. We felt confident after the victory over kz AVANGAR and started the second stage very well. This shows that a lot depends on desire. And it was also influenced by the fact that nobody believed in us and we wanted to prove that we are worth something.”

Such success, however, did not help ru QBF to move to a new stage of development as a team. The guys continued to participate in various kinds of qualifications, but they failed to break through to the prestigious LAN tournament as ru QBF. One of the LAN tournaments that the five visited was Copenhagen Games. Unfortunately, the guys' performance was a failure in this championship, completing the group stage in last place (three losses and zero points).

In June 2018, the entire ru QBF line-up for CS: GO moved to a new organization — ru Winstrike. The team kept playing until FACEIT Major 2018. The London tournament turned out to be a failure - the team finished the New Legends stage with 0–3 score. The reaction of the organization followed immediately: all the players were benched, and ru Boombl4 received a blank check to create a new team.

Subsequently, Kirill became the captain of the new ru Winstrike, and also single-handedly selected the necessary players to form a competitive team. Of course, the main task of the new composition was getting to the IEM Katowice Major 2019. And ru Winstrike successfully managed with this task, albeit with some issues.

ru Winstrike failed to qualify through the CIS Minor. The team took the third place, losing in the final of the upper bracket to kz AVANGAR (1: 2), and in the match for the second place — ru Team Spirit (1: 2). However, the guys still had a chance to rehabilitate themselves and get to the major in a special qualifier called IEM Katowice Play-In. Here four teams met that took third places in the Minor in each region and played out for two more tickets to the main tournament. ru Winstrike didn’t postpone the opportunity and took the first ticket to the tournament!

At IEM Katowice Major, the team also performed well and stopped a step away from getting into the “New Legends” (two wins and three losses). We have already mentioned that after FACEIT Major, Kirill took upon himself the duties of a captain, and we were interested to know his path to a new role, the main lessons he learned during this time, as well as the difficulties that he encountered.

ru Kirill "Boombl4" Mikhailov
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“I wanted to be a captain in ru Quantum Bellator Fire, but the position was occupied by ru Nikita “WaterfaLLZ” Matveyev. He did a great job, but, in my opinion, he squandered in an individual game, because he used to hit sick AWP shots, and at the end, he would miss the shots that he shouldn't. I thought that it was convenient for me to be a captain because my personal game did not squander too much. I feel comfortable, I feel the game better and I start playing better myself because of it. It was fun to try out a captains position. I understand the game. It is clear that back then it was not the same level as it is now: every month I learn more and understand the game better.

It is very cool to be a captain. I have leadership qualities. The most important thing for me is the atmosphere of the team. Criticism should be constructive, problems need to be solved via analysis. It is normal to argue. Often, players rage and they are called "toxic", after that there are changes in the team. There are emotions involved because people want to win. They can also go overboard, but you need to understand: everyone wants to win, everyone has one goal to which you need to strive together.

The main difficulties in the role of a captain were outside of the game. When you start playing with new guys, you need to find an approach to each member of the team. Seek the strengths of a person and use them appropriately. dk Astralis plays in the same style: each of them perfectly knows their role, and they use their strengths. That is why they are the top 1 in the world. ”

As for free time, Kirill loves to spend it with family and friends. Besides that, ru Boombl4 is open to any kind of music, and also gives preference to the tv series rather than movies. However, there is often not enough patience to wait for new episodes.

ru Kirill "Boombl4" Mikhailov
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“I spend my free time with my family, with my younger brother or sometimes go to a cafe with friends to talk and have a little fun. Music is a very interesting topic for me; There is no definite direction, I usually listen to something and if I like it, I add it to my playlist in VK. Series often turn out to be more interesting than movies, but I don’t know how to wait for the next episodes, so I rarely watch them. So far I have watched Flash, Sherlock, The 100, Arrow. In movies I prefer science fiction or about sports, as well as detective stories based on real events. ”

Kirill made such a short but a rather intensive journey to be in ua Natus Vincere. From playing with friends in the ECS qualification to the captain of a major tournament level team. We believe that in a jersey of the yellow-black ru Boombl4 will achieve great success and help ua NAVI not only to win the major, but also to become the best team in the world! #NAVINATION