EA Play 2019 Expo news

APEX / News / 9 June 2019 — 16:10

Season 2, new character and more!

EA Play 2019 Expo had a few news related to APEX Legends. Let's talk about them!

Season 2 will start on July 2. There will be more challenges for Battle Pass owners, more rewards and opportunities to get crafting resources. The developers said it is going to be easier to level up the Battle Pass in Season 2, and there will be no banners and stat trackers as rewards.

One of the most interesting new features is a ranked system. There are going to be 6 tiers: Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond and "Apex Predator". By the end of the season, the players will receive rewards based on their ranks.

The developers have also unveiled a new character — Wattson. She is the daughter of the Games' main electric engineer, so all her abilities are focused around electricity. Let's take a look at her below.

Tactical ability — Perimeter Security

Creates electric barriers from linked nodes. Barriers damage and slow the opponents.

Passive ability — Spark of Genius

Special boosters fully charge you ultimate; while you're next to an Intercepting Pylon, your tactical ability recharges faster.

Ultimate ability — Intercepting Pylon

Creates a generator which destroys incoming explosive projectiles and replenishes shields until it's neutralized; the maximum amount is 3.

There will also be a new weapon — L-STAR. It's going to become the third special in-game weapon, with Kraber and Mastiff. The main feature of the gun is that L-STAR is able to use any bullets, as it transforms them into plasma. Therefore, it is only going to у available in care packages.

Finally, the developers are preparing a non-trivial event to roll out around Season 2. At the end of the official trailer, there is an eye of a dragon-like creature.