NAVI Esports Camp participants

CS2 / News / 14 June 2019 — 12:00

NAVI Esports Camp participants

Esports club ua Natus Vincere is glad to announce 10 players who will take part in a unique project, NAVI Esports Camp, from June 14th to August 30th.

Soon the candidates will arrive in Kyiv at the Born to Win training facility, where they will go through a preparatory course, which will follow a specially tailored methodology which was created based on the extensive experience of the camp’s coaches.

By the end of the training the most promising players will sign contracts with ua Natus Vincere, and will receive full support of the organization. You can follow the life and training of NAVI Esports Camp participants over on the channel.

uaAndrii "B1ad3" Gorodenskyi
Natus Vincere sports director

"We have received around 1900 online applications, but since we needed the best of those who have already played, we had to refuse complete newcomers; we synchronized the rest with the database of CIS FPL players across 4 divisions. This was a priority for us — if a player plays CS for some time and wants to develop and progress, he is likely playing FPL already. Then we requested demos from the most promising ones, analyzed them and chose the best for the online test.

In the end, we chose 25 for the online test; next, our psychologist talked with each candidate individually, determined their types and gave his opinion. Throughout the testing, the opinion proved to be correct almost all the time (the player would behave and demonstrate personal qualities, which correspond to the opinion given). As the testing went on, we were watching the communicative abilities of the players, their game sense, game IQ (understanding of the game), speed and quality of thinking, teammate interaction. The technical data of the players was important as well, so we uploaded the demos into an analytical program, , getting detailed statistics of their overall mastery.

The final 10 is very impressive, I was pleasantly surprised with the guys’ game level. They all look incredibly promising".

NAVI Esports Camp participants:

ua Alexey "Topa" Topchienko (19 y.o.)
ua Rodion "fear" Smyk (18 y.o.)
ua Andrey "Whitesmith" Saribekyan (15 y.o.)
ua Ivan "kapacho" Koplenko (18 y.o.)
ua Valeriy "B1t" Vakhovskiy (16 y.o.)
ru Kirill "Gospadarov" Gospadarov (18 y.o.)
ru Kirill "poka" Starovoytov (18 y.o.)
ru Vyacheslav "Art1st" Lyadnov (19 y.o.)
ru Daniil "Porya" Poryadin (17 y.o.)
ru Eugene "Aunkere" Karyat (18 y.o.)

ua Oksana Kazydub (manager)