Interview with electronic

CS2 / News / 20 June 2019 — 07:39

Enjoy! portal talked with Natus Vincere player Denis "ru electronic" Sharipov. Our player shared his impressions on playing with ru BoombI4, and talked about the psychologist and a healthy diet.

— How do you like the new team? What are your first impressions of training with ru BoombI4?

ru Denis "electronic" Sharipov
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"We started training not so long ago, changing some of the roles on the maps. So far this is not as easy as it should be, but the work is in full swing, and I think that in time we will show decent results. Even better than before" 

— What exactly have you changed in terms of roles? Who is taking ua Edward's duties now?

— In fact, we were lucky: on some maps, ru BoombI4 played the positions of ua Edward. Therefore, it was easier to rebuild. But on other maps we faced the fact that our positions coincided: either ru BoombI4 took new ones for himself, or some of the players changed points.

— Does ru BoombI4 call out now?

— He calls the shots because he used to do it. But we are rebuilding so that he tries to say less global things, and concentrates more on his game, on his role. He copes with it better and better, progresses every day. I think that he will still show for himself.

— What can you say about ua Edward leaving? He said he knew it was coming down to this for quite a while.

— I understood that change will come if we do not play at the proper level. Our goal has always been to become the best team in the world. At some point, we seemed to have reached our ceiling and could not go further. Due to defeats, our team confidence began to decline. We needed new blood. And so it happened that it was Vanya who had to go.

— At the beginning of the year, ua Zeus announced that he plans to end his career in 2019. Is it possible to say that ru BoombI4 was taken for the future, so that in the future he could become your captain?

— It's too early to talk about it. ua Zeus will make every effort so that we become the best team in this particular roster. His goal is not to share experience. For him at this stage there is only this roster, and what will happen next - we'll see. It might happen that someone else, not ru BoombI4, becomes a captain. Perhaps there will be another candidate.

— Do you like to lead the team yourself?

— This is probably related to whether I am ready for it. I can call, but maybe not everyone likes it. Someone might, though. It all depends on the personality. In general, this is an interesting role, but I think that it is too early for me to become a captain.

— Were you becoming a father an added motivation?

- Of course, it added motivation. I want to win even more. It had no effect on my game. I concluded for myself that if I played more matches on FACEIT, for example, then it is very important for me not to burn out, so that I enjoy the game. I still train, always try to keep my individual skill at the max level.

— How to maintain gaming shape? Many say that, in addition to gaming practice, you still need to eat right and monitor your fitness. Is that about you?

— When you feel great, then the game goes great. At the same time, the moral component is also important. It's not just about physique, it's about the mentality as well. You might not do sports regularly, but still feel nice and play well. There are a lot of people who did not do sports: I am yet to see someone who did sports during their prime. It still interferes: when you, say, pull a dumbbell, your muscles get hammered, and then it is hard for you to play.

— Different teams have certain requirements for tournament operators. Some need gym, others — pool. Do Natus Vincere and you personally have any special requests for the organizers?

— Nope. We don't try to make a storm so big we're given a pool. And the organizers would not provide this. This is the business of your club.

— Recently a psychologist appeared at Natus Vincere. What do you think?

— He certainly helped us in those aspects that we previously ignored. At the moment, we sometimes use his advice. When I need it, I immediately recall his words and do so in order to get rid of, for example, bad emotions.

— Do you have a nutritionist?

— Not yet, but I heard that they should appear soon. In fact, a nutritionist is very important, because when you fly a lot, you eat a different cuisine. It might be spicy, mild, fast food. It is very difficult to control, and because of this it is possible to harm the stomach, and you will feel worse.

— I have seen a lot of bootcamps, often saw the same picture: scattered pizza packaging, soda, chocolate bars. How about you guys?

— In fact, we do have chips (laughs). We eat them a little, but at times there is a pack between two computers, and we take them. We try not to eat too much sweet stuff. Some people can eat 3-4 Snickers bars, we don't do that. I try to limit myself, I don’t eat sweets lately.

— Recently Natus Vincere announced members of the CS:GO youth team. The final composition will form at the end of the summer. Can you highlight any of the players? Will you guys participate in the development of the roster?

— To be honest, I only saw some names, but I never played with them. It will be interesting to meet them. We will help this lineup — come to them at the bootcamp and give advice, tell certain things.