NAVI reveals Esports Camp partners and website

News / 20 June 2019 — 08:50

Ten players from the CIS region will spend two and a half months in the camp, where they will work every day to improve their gaming and physical conditions to get into NAVI Junior roster.

After long months of selection NAVI coach ua Amiran “Ami” Rekhviashvili and sports director ua Andrii “B1ad3” Gorodenskyi have chosen ten young CS:GO players from all over the CIS region. Now they have gathered in a country house in Kyiv to begin their boot camp. Great support in organizing NAVI Esports Camp was provided by the title partner of the project – – the largest Ukrainian telecommunication operator providing communications and data services based on a broad range of mobile and fixed-line technologies, including 4G.

What differs NAVI Esports Camp from the ordinary summer camp is that the young players did not come here to rest, but to hone their skills. The most talented players will have an opportunity to sign a contract with ua NAVI and continue their journey within the organization. It will be a very difficult task to accomplish: the players’ daily routine consists of all kinds of workouts and training sessions according to a methodology that was specially developed for this project. It includes teamwork practicing, individual skills mastering, etc. A lot of attention has been paid to the work with a psychologist because the right attitude, self-reliance, and calmness in tough times are the key to success in esports.

Nutrition and physical training also play a crucial role in the life of NAVI Esports Camp residents. The players have already been subjected to a full medical examination at “Daryna” clinic. The next step will be the preparation of a balanced diet for each participant at the camp.

Players will test their own discipline by adhering to a strict mode and daily exercises. Training in the camp will be held under the supervision of a specialist from the functional training club – – master of sports in weightlifting and our physical training coordinator. In addition, players will be practicing CrossFit – a type of fitness with high-intensity workouts, weightlifting, and gymnastics. All necessary equipment for training participants will find in the gym. Sportswear for training provided by .

It is hard to imagine the proper boot camp without game practicing, both team and individual. The best gaming infrastructure was created for camp residents. The gaming room is equipped with the latest PCs and headsets, keyboards, pads and mice. In addition, there are chairs and mats that are familiar to all NAVI fans. The players, together with the coaches, will discuss tactics and game performance on modern multimedia equipment provided by .

is a place where everyone can follow the project, read about the participants and be in touch with the latest news from the boot camp. In addition, the most attentive viewers will be able to join the activity from our partner, , where they can win valuable prizes, including gaming monitors.

Which of the players will show their best and cope with all the difficulties on the way to their dream - getting into a professional esports team? Let’s find out together!

uaYevhen Zolotarov
CEO Natus Vincere

“I want to thank our partners for participating in such an important project: both for NAVI and for the esports ecosystem as a whole. Together we are doing a great job, giving young talents a chance and possibilities for their further development as players and as individuals.

I am very proud of the NAVI employees who managed to realize all our ideas. I am thankful to those partners who provided their support and helped with the project. It is an amazing experience! I see the goal - don't see obstacles!"