Crystallize talks about the Major

Dota 2 / News / 27 June 2019 — 13:33

The format, the teams, and the surprises of EPICENTER

ua Vladislav “Crystallize” Krystanek shared his opinion about the last tournament of the Dota Pro Circuit 2018/2019, which is currently underway — EPICENTER Major.

— First of all I want to ask about the format of the championship, where, after the group stage, no one leaves the competition. What do you think of this?

uaVladislav "Crystallize" Krystanek
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I am in favor of at least one team leaving the tournament after the group stage. stalled a bit in the group stage, but it shows a good game in the playoffs. What are the chances of "bears" to win?

They never take groups as seriously as playoffs. This is a completely different team at this stage of the tournament. I'd say they will end up in top 3 at least.

— What are your thoughts on the second CIS team — ru Gambit Esports? Was it logical to see them make it into the upper bracket, and then beat euNinjas in Pyjamas in the lower bracket, or just a pleasant coincidence? 

As it turned out, us Evil Geniuses are really not in a good shape, and ru Gambit Esports had good games, so the result is consistent.

— What teams managed to surprise you? Was there someone who showed not what you expected?

—  ph TNC Predator got me a bit surprised, while us EG and eu Team Secret were somewhat disappointing. I did not think that the “secrets” could occupy any places other than the top 3 in general.

— What about the newcomer of eu Team Liquid — ro w33? Has he strengthened the team or is fi MATUMBAMAN still stronger in the long term ?

As for me, they just became a different team. Weaker or stronger — the results will tell, but in terms of the draft it became easier to play against them. No Broodmother, Lone Druid, Viper, Venomancer, which were very unpleasant.


eu OG play without dk N0tail this time around, who was replaced by fr Sockshka. How weak is the team without their support?

Judging by the group, it seemed that they had no chance. And if you look at how they play in the playoffs, then just great lads. Even with a sub, then beat us EG and eu Team Secret.

pe Infamous and br paiN Gaming took the last places in their groups and in the championship. Is South America the weakest region at the moment?

— Well, if you consider pe Infamous as an SA team, then yes.

- se Alliance and eu Ninjas in Pyjamas became EPICENTER participants following their good performance during Kyiv Minor. But in the group stage the game did not go well. What are the main problems for these teams, in your opinion? 

Everyone has already seen what and how they play in the minor, so they know what to prepare for. It’s hard to come up with good strategies on the go. I think this is the problem.

— What can you say about the Chinese teams, for whom this tournament is a kind of test of strength before the home The International?

All teams from China hit the upper bracket. It is evident that they began to gain momentum before The International.

— Did you manage to notice any interesting tactics and strategies that you may later use yourself?

Not really. All the same that we have.

— Who will be the winner of the EPICENTER tournament this year? 

cn Vici Gaming or ru