Pro League Season 10: against mousesports

R6 / News / 28 June 2019 — 13:01

The game starts at 21:45 CEST

Today gb NAVI.GG.BET will have another game at Pro League Season 10, this time against eu mousesports. The format of the match — best of 1.

“Yellow-black” are coming into the game in high spirits: earlier our guys claimed a victory over the world champions — eu G2 Esports. This allowed gb NAVI to earn much-needed points and take third place in the standings.

However, mouz are not doing as well: the team lost all three games they played to date, occupying the last place. The team has an unenviable position and, judging by the lost fights, the chance of a comeback is slim.

Nevertheless, gb Natus Vincere needs to soberly evaluate the opponent and show the maximum in the match against them. Everyone needs points, and they will try to get them in every match.