MagicaL Instagram AMA

Dota 2 / News / 2 July 2019 — 09:05


il Idan "MagicaL" Vardanyan answered questions from fans on Instagram. Idan spoke about the preparation for TI 2019 qualifiers, singled out the strongest region and assessed his level of play.

— Ready for qualifications? How do the guys feel?

ilIdan "MagicaL" Vardanian
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— Yes. Everything is fine, thanks :)

— What do you think is missing for you to become a world-class mid?

— I already consider myself to be a top-level mid player, but I need some more experience and confidence in certain things.

— What is the strongest region in Dota 2?

— Europe.

— Who is stronger in the laning stage - ua No[o]ne- or my Midone?

my Midone.

— How do you like the new composition of ru The Pango?

— A roster like any other. Happy for ua Dendi, really!

— If there was no Dota 2, what game would you play?

— I would not play.

— How's life?

—- Everything is fine, healthy and happy. — And when we qualify for The International 2019, everything will become even better!

— What was your hobby when you were a kid?

— I was a real-lifer, so absolutely everything.

— Your favorite movie?

— I can never single out one movie, so here's the top. Interstellar, The Green Mile, Intouchables, Shutter Island, Whiplash, Il Bisbetico Domato, Fight Club, Inception, The Prestige, A Beautiful Mind. And many others!

— What about the meeting in Kharkiv?

— Surprisingly, many people write about it :) Even if it happens, it will not be at all soon :)

— What music do you listen to? And what artists?

— I can listen to Okean Elzi, Frank Sinatra, A$AP Rocky and AC/DC in one day. In other words, I listen to absolutely everything!

— How do you hold back your emotions after losing? Good luck on the quals. I cheer for you.

— I just analyze it and come to the conclusion that defeat is not the end. There are no victories without defeats and failures. Thank you!