Happy birthday, ADOUZ1E!

PUBG / News / 5 July 2019 — 00:35

Happy birthday!

On this hot summer day in the camp of the Born to Win, a happy event is celebrated - the birthday of a member of the ru NAVI.GG.BET team of the PUBG squad ru Roman “ADOUZ1E” Zinoviev. Roman joined the club in April, but he proved time and again that he possesses high individual skills and seeks only high places.

As part of ru NAVI, ru ADOUZ1E participates in the second phase of the PUBG Europe League, where the team successfully holds the first place. Roman makes an invaluable contribution to the fact that the team demonstrates this result: according to the results of seven weeks, ru ADOUZ1E ranks fourth in the kills department(113) and the first in damage done to opponents (25417); the player became the third in terms of the number of headshots (24) and closes the top five of the strongest players who have the highest number of knockouts - 102. In other words, we see a rather impressive result.

On behalf of ua Natus Vincere, we join in the congratulations and thank Roman for the incredible desire to win, his hard work and patience. And also wish him good luck in the upcoming battles - the final week of PEL Phase 2 will begin today at 18:00. We believe that ru ADOUZ1E together with the team will demonstrate a high level and this will be a good gift to both Roman and fans of our club. Happy Birthday! #NAVINATION