s1mple - top 1 at ELEAGUE Main Qualifiers!

CS2 / News / 16 January 2018 — 13:47

Once again, s1mple proves he is at the top!

Our player, uaOleksandr "s1mple" Kostyliev is quite consistent when it comes to performance at various events - always in top shape and ready to battle. The past qualifications for ELEAGUE Boston Major were no exception - even if our squad had some unfortunate games, uas1mple managed to surprise everyone yet again by becoming top 1 player, according to

Rating by

For those unfamiliar with the system, Rating 2.0 provides a comprehensive overview of the impact of a player; a lot of factors go into the calculation - not only K/D ratio, but also KAST (Kills-Assists-Survived-Traded), damage rating and others; for a detailed explanation, head over to the 

Coming back to uas1mple, he has scored some quite impressive numbers, coming in with 112 kills, 1.72 K/D ratio and 102.4 damage per round. Indeed, he never lets his team down when it comes to firepower, and even the losses aren't able to shake him. Once again, cheers to Alexander, and the same stable performance at the main event! #gonavi