Second Immortal treasure and new event!

Dota 2 / News / 6 July 2019 — 08:14

New items are available now!

The second Immortal Treasure has been released in Dota 2, and also the promised in-game event Wrath of the Mo'rokai is now available for the Battle Pass 2019 owners.

In the new mode you have to collect essences that are required in order to call the beast Mo'rokai. At the moment, the event has caused an ambiguous reaction from the players, so perhaps in the future, the company-developer will change something in it. As for the new Immortals, then their appearance can be found below.

The Gates of Nothl (Dazzle)

Rectifier (Timbersaw)

Fortune of the Five Houses (Grimstroke)

Chalice of Ix'Yxa (Pugna)

Umbral Glyph (Warlock)

Twilight Schism (Luna)

Horns of the Betrayer (Lion) - a rare reward

Golden Recctifier (Timbersaw) - a very rare reward

Golden Twilight Schism (Luna) - a very rare reward

Apogee of the Duardian Flame (Ember Spirit) - an incredibly rare reward

Overgrown Flame - a general effect for all heroes.

Have you already tried the new event? What items did you get from the second chest? Share in the comments!