Displate becomes a new partner of Natus Vincere

News / 10 July 2019 — 09:45

A manufacturer of the magnet-mounted metal prints, Displate, announces a partnership with NAVI and prepares a collection of prints designed in collaboration.

Now, all ua NAVI fans will have a possibility to purchase cool metal prints that are easy to mount with the ua Natus Vincere’s designs. Check out cool ua NAVI prints that  already has!

Moreover,  replenishes its collections of prints with new thematic designs, such as Marvel, DC, Blizzard and other. We are glad that now we also have an opportunity to add our own images and create prints of different sizes for our fans. So, more great Displate prints are waiting for their happy owners from ua Natus Vincere’s fan base! 

is a magnet-mounted metal print. It’s durable, it’s steel. And you don’t need any power tools to hang it. Unlike any other home decor stores, our in-house production means we have control over the quality of every single product.