First Predator in NAVI.GG.BET!

APEX / News / 13 July 2019 — 22:20

9impulse — about new heights

by Kirill "9impulse" Kostiv was the first by NAVI.GG.BET player to reach the highest rank in Apex Legends! In relation to this achievement, we decided to ask Kirill how difficult it was to climb the ladder.

— First of all, I would like to know, how is the overall rating system? Mark its pros and cons.

by Kirill "9impulse" Kostiv
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— The rating system as a whole is very cool, it has fulfilled the expectations. One of the advantages is that it has become much easier to improve your level of play. Disadvantages are the cheaters.

— How difficult was it to get the highest rank? How many games did it require you to reach it?

— It was not difficult before the diamond rank, but the closer to the “predator”, the more I wanted to win and the more mistakes I made. It took about 230 games, I guess.

— Did you use a particular character or did you take different ones?

— Since for some reason my teammates needed to sleep, I had to play in mixes with other guys. You could see it on my streams, so I often had to take what was needed. Basically it was Wraith.

— Share your overall impressions of your results. What kind of emotion do you have when you are among the first players with that rank?

— In general, I am satisfied, but I didn't experience anything special. I sort of knew it would be like that.

— Which players do you think are the best in Europe at the moment in the ranking?

— My team mates :) To be honest, I don’t know many, but in general, I think, it's Hardecki, Artyco, siigN. I apologize in advance. Maybe I'm biased.

Recall that the rating was introduced in Apex Legends on July 2, along with the arrival of the new season. Also, a new character was added to the game — Wattson, a new weapon — L-STAR and other game features.