MagicaL AMA sessions on Instagram

Dota 2 / News / 15 July 2019 — 23:20

MagicaL — about the bootcamp, The International 2019 Qualification, and the emotions after the victory

il Idan “MagicaL” Vardanian live streamed on Instagram and answered a lot of questions that interested fans. il MagicaL talked about his feelings after winning The International 2019 CIS Qualifiers, the possible bootcamp and much more!

— How are you today?

ilIdan "MagicaL" Vardanian
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— All is well, we all went back home, resting for a bit — for a couple of days. Soon we will get together again, we need to play a lot. Everyone already applied for a visa.

— What did you feel after Qualifiers?

— I could not believe that here it is — The International, Shanghai, and for a long time I couldn't get over it.

— Did you drink in honor of passing through to The International?

— No, I don't drink. And I don't smoke.

— Are you nervous before the tournament?

— I don't feel it yet. When we were playing the qualifiers, i felt that it was rather difficult, since it's the first TI for me.

— Will the bootcamp be in China?

— It's still unknown, but most likely yes. We will fly there right away, but we'll see.

— Whom can you mention as favorites?

— Absolutely all of the teams from the Dota Pro Circuit ranking are very strong. It is difficult to name one as a favorite: any team can eventually win the tournament.

— What are the goals for The International?

— Not yet set. It is always top-1 thought — you just see it and try to strive for it.

—  Can ua NAVI win?

— Of course, without a problem.

— How is the moral after 0 : 2 in the group?

— It was a bit difficult. It is worry some, understanding that we might not advance from the group. It is the best of 1, could have lost to anyone. We played bad in group, turned up in the playoffs and played well. But we can do even better.

— How would you rate kg W_Zayac's game?

— Actually, everyone played well. I would highlight kg W_Zayac and ua Crystallize, I felt their impact on the game. And kg Blizzy with ru SoNNeikO, of course. And I'm somewhere in the background.

— Did zz Vega Squadron surprise you?

— Yes, they are really great. It was very difficult to play against them. Even harder than against anyone else. They have very good cores, I focused on the laning and fought one vs one, without paying attention to anyone else. And if they continue in the same composition, then they have a great future.

— How is ua Crystallize?

ua Crystallize has gotten into a great shape now. There were a lot of games where he played perfectly, gathering his strength at a certain moment. Naga Siren, Anti-Mage, for example.

— How did you come up with a Dazzle pick?

— He lanes well against the Templar Assassin. And I realized that he was a good hero by himself, so I decided to take him.

— Why did you take Sniper in the last game?

— We needed physical damage, but there were not so many options. And well, it is just my hero. At the draft stage, I said that I would buy Black King Bar and I’ll be unkillable. Therefore, the game has logically concluded.

— Is there a chance to see Invoker, Arc Warden or Meepo?

— Everything gonna happen, you'll see at The International.

— What is it like to be in place of ua Dendi?

— At first, I felt additional excitement, but now I don’t pay attention to it and just play. I enjoy the game, the team, the upcoming International.

— Have you followed ru Gambit Esports at the EPICENTER Major?

— Yes, we even cheered for them. We wanted them to go to The International, then the qualifications would be simpler.

— When will you stream on Twitch?

— I will stream at some point. In few days i guess. A lot of people asked, so I would like to play and chat.

— Name the best midlaners.

ua No[o]ne-, my Midone, pk SumaiL, cn Maybe. They all play approximately on the same level: equally good.

— Did you play scrims with ru

— Yes, before EPICENTER.

— Why didn't you turn up at the Maincast?

— Was very tired, I wanted to go home. We prepared for a whole month, so after qualifying I just flew home the next morning.

— Do you have fun with teammates?

— I can say that, yes. There are jokers there, so I like everything.

— With which professional players do you talk to?

— Well, almost with no one. I do not really like small talk, these gossips.

— To what age do you plan to play on the professional stage?

— While I like it, while I enjoy the game, I will continue to play. There is no such thing that I set some kind of bar, after reaching which I would stop playing.

“I want to thank the fans. There were a lot of congratulations: hundreds, thousands of messages in all social networks. Respect! "