Six Major 2019 Qualifier: facing KKona KKopteri

R6 / News / 16 July 2019 — 07:27

The game starts at 19:00 CEST

In the lower bracket of Six Major 2019 European qualification,gb NAVI.GG.BET will face the Finnish mix fi KKona KKopteri. The match will be a Bo3 series.

Our opponent hit the lower bracket after the first fight, losing to fr BDS Esport in a bitter struggle with the score 1: 2. In the next match, the Finns beat eu GameWard Team - 2: 1. After those fights, the team ended up meeting with gb NAVI.

Our guys, in turn, won the first match, against es Team Heretics, but in the second they lost to fellows in the tenth season of Pro League - fr Team Vitality - with the score 1: 2. So, that was the only mistake gb Natus Vincere was allowed to make, and now in every match they risk dropping out of the fight for a slot at a Major.

In no case should the rival be underestimated: the Finnish team includes both not very well-known participants and experienced shooters who played for well-known tags. However, gb NAVI players are well acquainted with this team, since they played against them at the Challenger League during the last season and even kicked them out of the fight for the slot in the Pro League. Given that, the coming match gains a lot more spice; granted, the Finnish roster underwent some changes meanwhile.

If we win, we will have to face one more opponent — the winner of fr Don't Panic vs. fr eWorld In Progress match. The start of the second fight is scheduled for 21:30 CEST.

Six Major 2019 - Europe (best of 3)
July 16, 19:00 CEST
  • neLo
  • CTZN
  • Doki
  • Kendrew
  • Saves