NAVI.Yozhik - "World Cup is the goal"

News / 17 January 2018 — 16:08

NAVI.Yozhik on his achievements of 2017 and goals for 2018

Recently, a Russian website published an interview with uaNAVI.GG.BET FIFA player uaYevhen "Yozhik" Mostovyk, where his shared with the readers a lot of details about the past year. Here are some of the most interesting excerpts from the interview. Enjoy!

 - What's the difference between a real-life football player and a cyber-football player?

 - A funny question deserves a funny answer: a football player is part of a team, while cyber-football player is a one-man team. I am not going to mention the physical demands of the conventional football. FIFA, though, is still no easy feat if played competitively. Casual play, with some pizza, in a bar or cafe, is a whole another thing, while competitive play brings its own nuances.

 - By the end of November, you have qualified for the first Major of 2018. How hard was it?

 - It was not too easy, but not very tough as well. 157 victories out of 160 games - I feel this is a good result after months of training.

 - You've played a lot. Does it help you keep up the shape? Do you change your training process every once in a while?

 - Surely, 40 games at Weekend League each week is quite a bit. I manage to train Monday-Thursday, and also work on some content for the subscribers.

 - A year ago, you told us that your goal is winning World Cup 2017. It's been a while, what can you tell us? What did 2017 turn out to be?

 - I can't say it was my goal to win the World Cup specifically in 2017. It is more of a general goal for me, as long as I am an active player. I won pretty much everything but the WC - CIS, Europe, Asian championships, so my motivation is the World Cup. It doesn't even matter if I actually make it there - not all famous athletes make it to the top of the competition, Nonetheless, it leaves a vivid memory for everyone.

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 - What's your plans and goals for 2018?

 - First of all - Barcelona, as there's going to be a tournament for which I really wanted to qualify. I am going to try and prepare as well as I can and show my best game there - we will see what happens then. Next, February will have the second qualification season; I need to make it to top 64 to be able to play in big tournaments by EA sports. That's pretty much it for now, and the future might bring something new.