GLL Grand Slam: NAVI.GG.BET is the third!

PUBG / News / 22 July 2019 — 11:16

NAVI finishes the tournament with a third place

The battles in Stockholm are over! For three days, sixteen of the best teams from Europe, Oceania, Latin and North America fought for the title of GLL Grand Slam: PUBG Classic off-season tournament champion. The teams fought for their share of $ 300,000 prize pool and an additional regional slot at the PUBG Global Championship 2019

Match # Result Map
1 9th place (1 frag) Miramar
2 1st place (14 frags) Miramar
3 3rd place (4 frags) Miramar
4 1st place (12 frags) Erangel
5 14th place (1 frag) Erangel
6 5th place (7 frags) Erangel

After the fights on Friday and Saturday, ru Natus Vincere settled in the top-8. Despite the fact that the final game day began from the ninth place, ru NAVI.GG.BET were able to rehabilitate themselves in subsequent matches. So, the battles on the second map were quite large: the fight between the Born to Win and us The Rumblers reached the last phase of the circle. ru NAVI scored an important kill, depriving the opponent of information, and the victory was not long in coming! 

On the last Miramar of the tournament, the yellow-blacks closed the top three, scoring four frags. By the end of the fourth draw on Erangel, the duet ru ceh9 and ru Bestoloch survived. The guys started a fight with de G2 Esports, correctly calculating their own strength: the advantage quickly turned on the side of the Born to Win. 

An important victory in this match instantly returned ru NAVI to the top three squads of the tournament table. Unfortunately, the guys could not keep and improve their positions: in the two remaining matches our team stopped in the fourteenth and fifth places. 

Place Team Frags Total
1  eu FaZe Clan 106 162
2  au Athletico Esports 92 151
3  ru NAVI.GG.BET 86 149
4  eu Team Liquid 84 143
5  de G2 Esports 87 141
6  ar BitLoft 66 97
7  us Ghost Gaming 59 96
8  us The Rumblers 49 94
9  us Spacestation Gaming 66 92
10  eu Pittsburgh Knights 61 89
11  us Cloud9 64 84
12  us Tempo Storm 48 79
13  br Red Canids 52 78
14  au Incognito 53 68
15  ar Team Singularity 45 65
16  au Hell Yeah Brother 30 36

So, ru NAVI take the third place at GLL Grand Slam: PUBG Classic. The reward for our team was $ 40,000. The winner, eu FaZe Clan, claimed $ 130 000 and an additional regional slot for PUBG Global Championship 2019

Prize pool distribution

1st place: eu FaZe Clan — $ 130 000
2nd place: au Athletico Esports — $ 60 000
3rd place: ru NAVI.GG.BET — $ 40 000
4th place: eu Team Liquid —  $ 25 000
5th place: de G2 Esports — $ 15 000
6th place: ar BitLoft — $ 12 000
7th place: us Ghost Gaming — $ 10 000
8th place: us The Rumblers — $ 8 000

From August 9, a new challenge awaits ru NAVIru ADOUZ1E and ru ceh9 joined the Russian national team for PUBG Nations Cup 2019. The tournament will be held in Seoul, Korea, and the prize pool will be $ 500,000. The rest of the details can be found . #navination