The dates of players' vacation in 2020 were determined

CS2 / News / 3 August 2019 — 12:07

The next summer break is determined!

The Professional Players Association (CSPPA) announced that the summer break between the CS: GO tournaments in 2020 will last from July 15 to August 15.

The report also states that “it is very important that the CS:GO schedule (including the break for players) is set in advance. So, players, teams and tournament operators can professionally approach the planning and preparation of their schedule for the season. "

The players took their first summer vacation in 2017, a year before CSPPA was founded. The Association of Professional Players took an active part in organizing the next break, which is also in August. CSPPA decided to report a break for the year since the time of both 2020 major events (May and November) is known and the teams can make their plans based on these dates.

The Professional Players Association (CSPPA) began its operations in March 2018. The main task of the organization is to provide players and teams with the best conditions in the professional Counter-Strike environment. The association is led by dk Andreas "Xyp9x" Hoislet.