Prediction contest from NAVI.GG.BET!

CS2 / News / 19 January 2018 — 09:07

Share your thoughts in the comment to this news!

Do you watch all the matches of ua NAVI.GG.BET? Do you follow the games of ? Then this news is for you! On the eve of the beginning of the , the Born to Win invite every fan to participate in the Prediction contest!

The terms are simple: write the answer to the following questions in the comment to this news:

1) How many matches will ua Natus Vincere play in this stage?
2) Which rivals will our guys encounter?

Pest your luck — predict the quantity of matches and the rivals correctly! The most accurate prediction will be awarded by amazing prizes from ua NAVI! We'll give our branded presents to the winner and we might even bring a very special souvenir from Boston!

We accept only one comment with only one prediction (match quantity and rivals) from each participant of the contest. Editing your comment is strictly prohibited. Share your thoughts and you might be the one who wins the prize! GL, HF!