Results of the first day

Dota 2 / News / 15 August 2019 — 14:44

The first day is over!

The first day of the group stage of The International 2019 for ua NAVI.GG.BET came to an end. The “yellow-blacks” played two matches - against eu OG and us Evil Geniuses.

was supposed to start at 05:30, but the schedule had to be slightly changed due to problems with the servers. The meeting between ua Natus Vincere and eu OG started approximately at 06:45.

The first game against The International 2018 champions was not the most successful. The opponent defeated our guys, played very aggressively and subsequently won the game. Ember Spirit and Arc Warden played an important role in this, and they were well managed by au Ana and fi Topson respectively.

But in the second game, our guys proved to be better, picking up Viper and Sven as cores for the game. This draft negated the power of the enemy Spectre, which almost could do nothing to the "yellow-black". 1 : 1   ua NAVI starts their run in Shanghai with a draw.

, against us Evil Geniuses, also started later than expected. In the first game, the "yellow-blacks" took the Alchemist, and it was picked for ua Crystallize. The opponent resisted for the first 20 minutes, but in the latter stages of the game, our team's overfarm became more and more obvious, which led to the victory.

But the second game at the moment is the longest in the tournament. The teams fought for 82 minutes! The game had everything: comebacks, a huge number of buybacks, mega creeps and even Divine Rapier. Unfortunately, despite all efforts, our guys did not manage to win. 1 : 1 another draw in the group stage.

In general, the first day of the tournament ua Natus Vincere players can add to their asset. The guys showed a good game against very strong opponents, and also earned the first points. We are sure that in the next matches the “yellow-blacks” will continue to please the fans and, of course, will achieve their first victory in the group stage! #NAVINATION