TI9 group stage: Day 3 recap

Dota 2 / News / 17 August 2019 — 13:29

Unfortunate day for "yellow-black"

The third day of the group stage of The International 2019 for ua NAVI.GG.BET has come to an end. The "yellow-blacks" had to play in two series today and unfortunately lost in both.

was the team my Fnatic. The representative of Southeast Asia, for them the previous day was not the most successful: a draw with eu Ninjas in Pyjamas, and a loss against pe Infamous. Our guys, on another hand, got two wins and one match was reduced to a draw.

The match against my Fnatic was not quite what the "yellow-blacks" had planned. In both games, the opponent decided to play Naga Siren, which with over-time had more and more farm and became more dangerous. And if in the first game the sides fought on equal terms until a certain moment, in the second game the opponent almost from the very start got the advantage and did not let it slip until the very end. The result is the first loss at the tournament with the score 0 : 2.

was against cn Royal Never Give Up, a team that had lost three out of four matches in the past two days. However, today the representative of China won their first match and was clearly in a good mood.

Already in the first game, the Chinese team has demonstrated its will to win, starting to gain an advantage after the laning stage. The “yellow-blacks” were not ready for aggressive actions, although they tried to hold on to the last moment - 0 : 1.

In the second game, the ua NAVI players first took the lead, but the unsuccessful fight near Roshan broke the course of the meeting. The opponent got a significant advantage, pushed down one of the sides, and after one of the team fights went to the high-ground down the middle lane. The game ended with a clash in the base of the "yellow-black", who were in the numerical disadvantage and were unable to oppose the enemy. It is also worth noting the excellent pick of Underlord, which was very difficult to kill.

ua Natus Vincere finished the third day with two losses. Tomorrow will be the last day of the group stage. The rival will be the team cn Vici Gaming, the start of the meeting is scheduled for 03:00. #navination