First day of the playoffs

Dota 2 / News / 19 August 2019 — 14:33

The rival — Minesk

The main part of The International 2019 starts on August 20. ua NAVI.GG.BET has one match to be played on that day and it will be bo1.

The first day of the playoffs will begin with the opening ceremony, the start of which is scheduled for 03:00. The games will start at 05:00, a very interesting match in the upper bracket between ru and cn PSG.LGD. Followed with another game in the upper bracket: TNC Predator against cn Vici Gaming. Both games are best of 3.

After these two series, the spectators await matches of the first round of the lower bracket in the best of 1 format. The "yellow-blacks" are the last to close the first playoff day. The rival of ua Natus Vincere will be team ph Mineski. 

The match promises to be not only difficult due to the strength of the representative of Southeast Asia, but also extremely intense. The fact is that the loser will leave the tournament, taking 13-16 places. To avoid this, our guys need to properly prepare for the meeting and study the enemy.

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