NAVI Paladins roster change

News / 21 August 2019 — 14:00

Creativs2 leaves Natus Vincere

ua Natus Vincere esports club announces the changes in its Paladins roster: pl Paweł “Creativs2” Majszyk leaves the team upon his own request. Paweł decided to take a break in his esports career and focus on education.

So, the coming match against nz Kanga Esports at Paladins Premier League, scheduled for August 22, will see the Born to Win play as an updated roster. The new member of our team is pt André “Ninu” Costa, who used to play for ru and eu Sour Team.

pl Creativs2 joined ua Natus Vincere in 2017, when the club opened Paladins roster. Paweł became a champion of Paladins Masters Spring 2018, Paladins Masters Summer 2018, and also became a world champion. He has earned more than $40,000 during his career.

uaMykhailo “M1ke” Palamar
 NAVI.Paladins manager

That was an unexpected decision by Creativs2 for us, still we would like to thank him for all of the efforts and time that he spent with our organization. Being one of the best main carries in the game since the start and playing on the top level, winning World Champs – this is all about Pawel.

Even though we have not spent much time working together, we had a lot of memorable situations and I believe Creativs2 will find himself in life and start doing what he likes. Good luck, my friend, with everything you planned!

plPaweł “Creativs2” Majszyk
NAVI.Paladins player

I have a million thoughts in my head about this situation and it's really hard to write all of that, but it mostly comes to a few things: ever since I joined NAVI, I knew that one day I will end up going to university. That's what I always aimed for and I want to get an education. I think me leaving now is going to be better for the team in the long run, and it's going to make the team stronger than ever since the main core of the team is insane. I believe that it's only first year and things will change in future. But I like stability in my life, and I don’t think I would plan my life in a different way.

Usually, I am a man of few words and I don't really know what to say after so many good memories I share with all of the people I met, but it was a truly great time and I will never forget it. I would like to thank my teammates who took it really well and were insanely supportive in my hard decision; the way they reacted to it shows why we were one of the greatest rosters in Paladins ever, not only being great players but amazing people as well.

Thank you, Natus Vincere, for taking great care of us, always supporting us with bootcamps and great atmosphere, helping us to improve and being the most caring organization in PPL in my opinion. I would also like to thank N1ghtEnd and M1ke for being great managers, helping us when needed not only as managers but as friends. 
Thanks to all the players I faced, I always love the fact that we are enemies in the game, yet I haven't met a  person that wouldn't be nice outside of it.

I really appreciate all the SkillShot workers, as they love the game, and I could see the passion in all of them, making it look more promising for the future.

Good luck to all of you.

ptAndré “Ninu” Costa
NAVI.Paladins player
First of all, I am very grateful for being accepted into an org as big and well known as Natus Vincere. I expect to grow as a player and together as a team. Excited to play at the highest level of Paladins again.

New NAVI Paladins roster:

nl Kai
Faenex” van Duppen 
fi Kari Mutu” Parviainen
fi Teemu spunkki” Tenhunen
dk Kevin Laizy Jensen
pt André “Ninu” Costa

ua Mykhailo “M1ke” Palamar (manager)