NAVI predictions for New Challengers stage

CS2 / News / 22 August 2019 — 15:35

Who did our guys pick?

Soon, the second Valve tournament of 2019 — StarLadder Berlin Major, will start. The event will kick off with "New Challengers" stage, so ua NAVI CS:GO players and the coach showed their predictions.

Both flamie ru flamie and ru Boombl4 picked the same team for 3-0 (fr Team Vitality), and the team to leave the event without a single victory (br INTZ). ua Kane agreed with the guys in regards to the weakest team of the initial stage. But the best team, according to him, will be dk Northua S1mple and ru electronic think us NRG and eu mousesports will beat the New Challengers, while au Grayhound and kz Syman won't have that good of a run.

The Born to WIn will start the event from the "New Legends" stage, with the first game on August 28. Opponent and the start time of the game will be known later. We believe that the guys had a fruitful bootcamp before the tournament in Berlin and will please the fans with a good game! #NAVINATION