Ogre Magi wins the Arcana Vote!

Dota 2 / News / 22 August 2019 — 12:52

Windranger was one step short

Valve announced the Arcana Vote results. The contest was a nail-biter till the very end, but the ultimate champion is Ogre Magi, beating Windranger in the finals.

The heroes were chosen by the Battle Pass owners, out of 4 brackets. Ogre Magi has bested Weaver, Bristleback, Alchemist, Necrophos and Faceless Void. In the grand finals, he beat Windranger, breaking ahead by almost 7 million votes — 30m vs 23.7.

Last year, Arcana was given to Rubick. He beat Faceless Void in the finals (51,1 % votes against 48,9 %). The item, called "The Magus Cypher", was released on December 19, 2018.