StarLadder Berlin Major: vs mousesports

CS2 / News / 29 August 2019 — 22:22

The match starts at 13:00 CEST

In the third round of the “New Legends” stage, a duel between ua NAVI.GG.BET and eu mousesports will take place. The match will begin on August 30 at 13:00 CEST and will be held in the best of 1 format.

Like the previous rival of ua Natus Vincere, eu mousesports made an impressive way, to get into the current stage of the tournament. So, the "mice" started their performance with a closed qualification, and then successfully overcame the European Minor tournament. Despite an unsuccessful start in the qualifying round, eu mouz subsequently won in the minor, beating the dk North (2 : 0) in the Grand Final.

As for the “New Challengers” stage, eu mousesports went smoothly: consecutive wins over ru forZe, kz AVANGAR and fr G2. However the “New Legends” stage, dk karrigan's team began with a loss against eu FaZe Clan, but the next day they managed to rehabilitate and defeated dk North. The last time the paths of ua NAVI and eu mouz crossed was at ESL One Cologne 2019, and then our five won with a score - 2 : 1. We hope that in the upcoming meeting ua NAVI players will please the fans with their second victory in a row! #NAVINATION

StarLadder Berlin Major (BO1)
August 30, 13:00 CEST
0: 0
  • S1mple
  • electroNic
  • Zeus
  • flamie
  • Boombl4
  • chrisJ
  • ropz
  • karrigan
  • woxic
  • Frozen