Voidwalker — a new event in Apex Legends!

APEX / News / 31 August 2019 — 11:30

The event starts on September 3rd.

The developers of Apex Legends has announced a new in-game event. It will take place from September 3rd to 17th, and it will be called Voidwalker and is related to the character Wraith.

Among the new features, they promise to change one of the map areas, which will reveal details about the lore and the past of Wraith. They also promise a portal prototype that can be used to escape or jump back into the map.

A new temporary mode called Armed and Dangerous will be introduced. Only sniper rifles and shotguns will be available in it, and other types of equipment will appear much less frequently.

Players will be able to get in-game items related to Wraith: skins and more. To obtain them, you must perform certain tasks. Cosmetic items will also be available at the store during the event.

From 6th to 9th of September you will be able to earn double XP for the top 5. This bonus is valid for the account level and Battle Pass.