An incredible game by electronic vs. MIBR

CS2 / News / 31 August 2019 — 14:57

A definite MVP of the last match!

The fourth match with the participation of ua NAVI.GG.BET at StarLadder Berlin Major has recently ended. Our guys fought against br MIBR to continue the fight at the tournament - the loser has to leave the competition. ua NAVI confidently beat the Brazilian five with a score of 2 : 0. Match details can be found .

In addition to the positive result, the highest level of individual skill demonstrated ru electronic! Denis ended the meeting with an incredible KD + 39. The player made 59 frags and died only 20 times. His closest pursuer in terms of KD was ru flamie, who got 40 kills and died 24 times.

Now ua Natus Vincere has one last step to make it to the playoffs - win the next match. We hope that the guys will cope with this task and get into the eight of the strongest at StarLadder Berlin Major! #NAVINATION