StarLadder Berlin Major: fighting CR4ZY

CS2 / News / 1 September 2019 — 10:49

The match starts at 18:30 CEST

The final stage of the New Legends will see ua NAVI.GG.BET — rs CR4ZY fight. The match will start on September 1th at 18:30 CEST and will be held in the best of 3 format.

Like many other ua NAVI rivals, the Serbian team has come up with an impressive path to reach this stage of the tournament. So, the guys started the run with the closed qualification for the European minor, then they successfully overcame the minor itself, losing only to dk North in the Grand Finals.  rs CR4ZY finished the New Challengers with 1 defeat, to dk North yet again, and 3 victories —over br FURIA, au Grayhounds and ru DreamEaters.

The New Legends didn't start too well for the Serbian squad — they had to face us Team Liquid. However, this didn't break the guys' spirits, as they proceeded to beat se NiP and eu FaZe Clan. Yesterday they had a chance to qualify for the playoffs but didn't manage to bea tdk Astralis (1:2). Until now, ua NAVI and rs CR4ZY have not fought each other. We believe that ua NAVI will cope with the intermediate goal and go to the StarLadder Berlin Major playoffs! #NAVINATION

StarLadder Berlin Major (BO3)
September 1 at 18:30 CEST
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