StarLadder Berlin Major: NAVI.GG.BET to playoffs!

CS2 / News / 2 September 2019 — 09:09

NAVI.GG.BET advances to the next stage!

Beating rs CR4ZY, ua NAVI.GG.BET reached the StarLadder Berlin Major playoffs and secured the status of “Legends” for the next major!

On the first day, ua Natus Vincere met with fr G2 (best of 1). It seemed that the fate of the match against fr shox' team was largely decided in the first half. However, after the sides switched, the French started well, demonstrated strong defense and drew the game to overtime, where they had won with a final score of 19: 17 (Overpass).

Next up, there were 2 more games. The second round had a CIS derby, with ua NAVI and ru DreamEaters. Throughout the match, our guys controlled the game, as a result of which they beatru DreamEaters ( 7: 16 - Overpass) without any problems.

We have stabilized our position in the tournament somewhat; but on the next day ua NAVI didn't drive the game home yet again ( eu mousesports), following the scenario of fr G2: we had 3 match points, but didn't win any of them, dropping the game in the overtime (17 : 19 — Nuke). That game sent us into 1-2 group, which meant no mistakes were allowed.

Fortunately, the Bo1 roulette was over, with only Bo3 matches ahead, the first being against br MIBR, who played with a coach. ua Natus Vincere took 2 maps to win the fourth round. by ru electronic in the game resulted in him getting +39 K-D.

In the final round, ua NAVI were to fight one of the main discoveries of the year— rs CR4ZY. Up to this point, the teams have never played each other. Although with certain problems, they managed to break the resistance of rs CR4ZY (2: 1), thanks to which the Born to Win guaranteed themselves the status of “Legends”!

ruDenis "electronic" Sharipov became one of the best not only within the Born to Win, but in the tournament as well (third place, 1.42 rating). Denis also showed the best KD difference (+ 73) and took second place by the number of average damage per round (95.2).

Congratulations to our guys; they had a good run in the group stage and deserved their spot in the playoffs! The finals stage of the tournament will take place between September 5-8, and ua NAVI will face one of the New Legends winners — us NRG. We hope that our players will be able to effectively use the time remaining until Thursday and will be ready for the quarterfinal match! #NAVINATION