NAVI.Junior: who made it into the roster?

CS2 / News / 10 September 2019 — 14:08

NAVI Esports Camp results

: has finished on the last day of August: for three months 10 young and talented CS:GO players were training with experienced mentors on ua Natus Vincere bootcamp premises in Kyiv.

By the end of the course we are ready to name the participants who will take part in creation of NAVI.Junior roster. Three NAVI Esports Camp participants have already reveibed the invites, while four more are on the trial period until the end of the year.

You can find out the reasons behind the decisions by watching the videos, scheduled to go live soon, on our  channel.  was supported by ,, , , ,
, "Daryna" medical center and  crossfit club. 

The title sponsor of the project became  mobile carrier.

Invited to NAVI.Junior

ru Kirill «Gospadarov» Gospadarov

ua Valeriy «B1t» Vakhovskiy
ua Ivan «kapacho» Koplenko

On trial period

ru Evgeniy «Aunkere» Karyat

ua Andrew «Whitesmith» Saribekyan
ua Rodion «fear» Smyk
ua Alexey «Topa» Topchienko

Left the academy

ru Viacheslav «Art1st» Liadnov

ru Danil «Porya» Poryadin
ru Kirill «poka» Starovoytov