BLAST Pro Series Moscow: before the event

CS2 / News / 11 September 2019 — 11:07

The tournament starts on September 13!

On September 13-14, ua NAVI.GG.BET is going to play at BLAST championship in Moscow. Let's see what we should expect from BLAST Pro Series Moscow.

A distinctive feature of BLAST tournaments is that their organizers are constantly experimenting with venues for competitions. So, BLAST championships have already taken place in Copenhagen, Istanbul, Miami, Sao Paulo, Lisbon, Madrid and Los Angeles.

Winstrike will be organizing the fifth BLAST Pro Series tournament in 2019 in conjunction with BLAST. The venue for BLAST Pro Series Moscow is going to be "VTB arena" multifunctional complex. The capacity of the arena is about 14,000 spectators.

Unlike many previous tournaments of the series, in Moscow, as well as in Madrid, the winner of the qualification stage of the CIS Play-in will perform — ru forZe and kz AVANGAR will contest that spot. ua NAVI, se NiP, fr Vitality, br MIBR and fi ENCE have received a direct invite. The prize fund of the competition will be $ 250,000.

Let's recall the format of the BLAST tournaments. In the group stage of the championship we will see Round-Robin: each team will play one game with the rest. At the end of the group stage, the two best teams will make it into the grand finals, which will be a Bo3.

In addition, a special show match will be held at the BLAST Pro Series Copenhagen with an additional $ 20,000 prize. The team that takes the third place in the group will choose an opponent from the three remaining teams. The format of that will include five duels 1 vs 1. 

And one of BLAST's latest innovations is the BLAST Global Final, announced in the spring, in which the four teams that became the best at the BLAST Pro Series tournaments in 2019 will play for a share of $ 500,000. The points required to participate in the event are awarded to teams depending on the places they occupy at each BLAST stop. The final championship will be held at the end of the year.

NAVI.GG.BET matches
Teams Match start time (CEST) Match page
13 September
NAVI.GG.BET00br MIBR 19:45
NAVI.GG.BET00fi ENCE 21:15
September 14
NAVI.GG.BET00fr Vitality 12:30
NAVI.GG.BET00ru forZe / kz AVANGAR 13:50 Watch
NAVI.GG.BET00seNiP 15:10

Let's move on to the group stage of the tournament and the rivals of our team. On the first day ua NAVI has two matches — with br MIBR and fi Astralis. Notably, both teams had small reshuffles after the majorbr kNg replaced br coldzera, while fi suNny took place of fi aleksib. After the break  ,br MIBR  and  fi ENCE performed only at StarLadder Berlin Major and finished the championship with varying degrees of satisfaction. 

For the first time in a while br MIBR failed to make it past the group stage at a Valve event, while fi ENCE, expected a lot in the playoffs, finishing "New Legends" with 3—0, but then lost to au Renegades (0 : 2), finishing the run in the quarterfinals. It makes sense to expect our opponents to try their hardest to prove their new rosters are competitive, giving it their all!

On the second day, the competitors will move to the arena and fight in front of the army of thousands of fans! Potentially, besides the three remaining matches of the group stage, ua NAVI could have the final Bo3 on the same day. The first opponent will be the French team fr Vitality. As a reminder, right after dropping out of StarLadder Berlin Major the French unexpectedly benched fr NBK. This decision was dictated by the fact that it was difficult for the team to function with two IGLs. It is still unknown who will replace fr NBK . In Berlin, fr Vitality claimed the Legend status, but the team unexpectedly lost to kz AVANGAR and finished the championship in fifth to eighth places.

The next opponent of "yellow-black" will be the winner of CIS Play-in — ru forZe or kz AVANGAR. The group stage will conclude with the match of ua NAVI and se NiP. The "ninjas" had to play with a sub in Berlin, as se Plopski was on another team. Subsequently, the Swedes became one of the worst at the “New Legends” stage, completing it with 0–3 game statistics. It is worth noting that the Berlin Major was the worst in the career se f0rest. Of course, seNiP  will make every effort to rehabilitate themselves after a failed performance at StarLadder Berlin Major and please the fans with a positive result.

As for The Born to Win,  ua NAVI will do everything possible to make sure ua Zeus finishes his career on a positive note. We believe ua Natus Vincere will fight for the champions title in Moscow so that the captain will leave with his head held high! #NAVINATION