BLAST Pro Series Moscow 2019

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BLAST Pro Series Moscow will take place on September 13-14, with the prize pool of $ 250,000. The venue for BLAST Pro Series Moscow is going to be "VTB arena" multifunctional complex.

BLAST Pro Series Championships are known for their unusual competition formats. Round-Robin will be used in the group stage: each team will play one match against other teams. At the end of the group stage, the two best teams will make it into the grand finals, which will be a Bo3.

In addition, a special show match will be held at BLAST Pro Series Moscow with an additional $ 20,000 prize. The team that took the third place in the group will choose an opponent from the three remaining teams. The format of this game will include five 1 vs 1 duels on aim maps with different weapons: M4, Deagle, AK-47, CZ-75 and AWP. Each duel will be held until the winning seventh round. 

Teams will also receive points depending on the places taken to participate in the BLAST Global Final. The final championship will be held at the end of the year. During it, the four best teams of the BLAST Pro Series tournaments in 2019 will play for a share of $ 500,000. 

NAVI.GG.BET matches
Teams Match start time (CEST) Match page
13 September
NAVI.GG.BET1216br MIBR Finished
NAVI.GG.BET1515fi ENCE Finished
September 14
NAVI.GG.BET1216kz AVANGAR Finished
NAVI.GG.BET716ru forZe Finished Watch
NAVI.GG.BET916seNiP Finished


— all matches will be Round Robin, best of 1;
— the two best teams go to the grand final;

BLAST Pro Standoff:

— show match with five duels 1 vs 1;
— prize pool - $ 20,000;
— the team that took third place in the group will choose an opponent from the three remaining teams;

Grand finals:

— a match in the best of 3 format.

Team Wins / Draws / Losses Rounds Points
forZe 3-1-1 +16 10
AVANGAR 3-0-2 +8 9
MIBR 2-2-1 +4 8
NiP 2-2-1 +3 8
ENCE 0-1-1 -7 1
Natus Vincere 0-1-4 -24 1
  • Grand finals
  • Winner