BLAST Pro Series Moscow: Day 1

CS2 / News / 12 September 2019 — 15:38

First game against MIBR, second game against ENCE

On the first game day of the BLAST Pro Series Moscow, the ua NAVI.GG.BET team will face two teams — against the br MIBR (starting at 19:45 CEST) and against fi ENCE (starting at 21:15 CEST). Both games will be Bo1.

After StarLadder Berlin Major, there were changes in both teams: fi suNny replaced fi aleksib, and br kNg was invited instead of br coldzera. As for the results, after losing to our team, the Brazilian five ended their run in the championship. Because of this failure, br FalleN, br fer, and br TACO left the Valve tournament in the group stage for the first time since they managed to make their way to such a tournament (ESL One Katowice 2015).

The five of fi ENCE advanced a little further, but nothing more. The Finnish team phenomenally overcame the “New Legends” stage (3-0), but in the quarterfinal, they could not oppose au Renegades (0: 2). As a result, fi ENCE had to settle for a 5-8th place in the last tournament with fi aleksib.

The paths of ua NAVI and fi ENCE crossed for the last time on the BLAST Pro Series Madrid, and back then the Finnish five won (16 : 4 - Mirage). As we have already said, our guys met with the br MIBR recently (StarLadder Berlin Major) and beat the Brazilians with a score of 2: 0. We hope that ua NAVI will be stronger in both matches and hence will earn a maximum amount of points! #navination

BLAST Pro Series Moscow (BO1)
September 13 at 19:45 and 21:15 CEST
  • S1mple
  • electroNic
  • Zeus
  • Boombl4
  • flamie

  • allu
  • Aerial
  • suNny
  • sergej
  • xseveN

  • FalleN
  • fer
  • TACO
  • LUCAS1
  • kNgV-