NAVIGRAM #4: On the eve of the tournament

News / 22 January 2018 — 18:51

NAVI.GG.BET, how about practices?

New Year holidays have come to an end, and it's time to work! The Born to Win began practicing hard, had bootcamp and went to their first events. The upcoming tournaments will be held in Malaysia, Spain, Romania and Poland. As per moment our CS:GO team is fighting for the champion's title in the US.

However, getting back to work might be hard: the team has to play matches non-stop, and the tournaments are held one after another with very short breaks. It's understandable that players would want to relax just a bit, but, ua NAVI.GG.BET, how about practices?

The beginning of 2018 was very intensive for our CS:GO team. They gathered for a bootcamp in Kyiv in the first week of January. Their main goal was the preparation to — the main tournament of the winter.

In Atlanta, the Born to Win have successfully passed The New Challengers stage and as per moment are playing their matches in The New Legends. The team found a nice spot in the city to have a meal and discuss their plans for the upcoming matches.

No one would doubt that the photos of ELEGUE Boston Major photoshoot will be hot! The Born to Win look so cool and we're looking forward to seeing the final result! Our captain ua Daniil "Zeus" Teslenko promised that nobody will be disappointed.

As a reminder, the games of ua Natus Vincere at the Major weren't the first ones this year. Before going to Atlanta, our team played in New York and played matches to retain their spot in .

When The Born to Win got to the Big Apple, they took a walk around the main tourist spots. Their major destination was Times Square!

While our CS:GO players were enduring the jetlag and fighting at the LAN-tournaments, ua NAVI Dota 2 line-up won GESC E-Series qualifiers and have arrived on their first bootcamp in 2018. In the gaming house, The Born to Win focused on the preparation to the series of the upcoming Minors and Majors, which will begin with .

Our players not only practiced and watched replays, but also met with ua Natus Vincere media team, which means will get some amazing content dedicated to our Dota 2 team. The with ru Akbar "SoNNeikO» Butaev has already been publised on ua NAVI YouTube Channel, and there will be even more surprises!

ua Natus Vincere's cyber football player ua Yevhen "Yozhyk" Mostovyk also works hard. He has bought a new gamepad and is now actively playing in Weekend League. Our player is preparing to FUT Champions Cup #1 in Barcelona!

Even though he's got much to do on the eve of the LAN tournament, he still finds time to take a walk in a winter park with his son.

Here's one more family photo of The Born to Win: these two brothers have strong connection with ua Natus Vincere. Sasha pleases our fans with his amazing shooting, and Alexey creates amazing clips of the tournaments.

Here's a nice photo of ua Yana "b2ru" Khimchenko and ru Igor "BadPlaya" Gorev. As you see, beyond the battlefield, ua NAVI and ru Team Empire have friendly relations.

While The Born to Win were looking for warmth in the snowy North, the coach of the Born to Win ua Aleksandr "XBOCT" Dashkevich enjoyed his vacation on Bali.

The midlane player of ua Natus Vincere ua Danil "Dendi" Ishutin has spent his New Year vacations in his hometown - Lviv. Somehow he joined a very unusual Vertep (Ukrainian Christmas street theatre that shows plays dedicated to the birth of Christ).

ua Viktor "GeneRaL" Nigrini uploaded some truly amazing photos on his Instagram. Go, ua GeneRaL!

New Year is the time of presents! That's why ua NAVI and HyperX prepared gifts for our players. Take a look!

ua Stas "TwistedRox" Yuzva and ua Yana "b2ru" Khimchenko have prepared a new video from our gaming house. It's cold "eSports kitchen" and features the interior of our bootcamp spot!

And the last, but not the least is the photos of our office made by Yana. The first one definitely is our favourite. We think that Aegis might feel a bit lonely here, so we really hope our Dota 2 team will put every effort to get another one!

We hope our team will do their best at the tournaments and win more awesome prizes! We wish them good luck and lots of fun in 2018! #gonavi