The 2011 NAVI will play at Midas Mode 2

Dota 2 / News / 20 September 2019 — 16:17

The champions of The International 2011 are in the business!

ua Natus Vincere will play at the Midas Mode 2 with quite a peculiar lineup. The "yellow-black" will be represented by the same players who were the champions of The International 2011 under the banner of the organization!

ua Danil «Dendi» Ishutin, ua Oleksandr «XBOCT» Dashkevych, ru Dmitriy «LightOfHeaveN» Kupriyanov, ua Ivan «ArtStyle» Antonov and ee Clement «Puppey» Ivanov will reunite to play in this tournament. We can be sure: this composition will surprise everyone!

Also, the se Alliance of 2013 will be taking part in the tournament: the same five players against which ua Natus Vincere played in the memorable grand finale of The International 2013. The tournament itself is divided into three regions: eu OG and eu SirSadim'sStunners will also play in the European division. In addition to these teams, Midas Mode 2 has 8 more teams in other regions, including us J.Storm, cn Vici Gaming and cn EHOME.

The championship will be held from September 24 to October 2. Its distinctive feature is the format: participants have to acquire picks by buying them with the tournaments currency: Moonbucks, they also have various ways of spending these currencies eg: banning, taking breaks, taking sides, etc. The fans and participants have also an option of purchasing different elements of the map, so that the audience will see a significantly changed landscape of the usual battlefield.