Major-tournaments: electronic the best on Inferno!

CS2 / News / 26 September 2019 — 15:07

A new record for Denis!

ru Denis "electronic" Sharipov leads the ranking of players on the Inferno in the history of all Majors.

So, according to the results of nine maps played, ru electronic takes the first line with a rating of 1.39; 1.71 KD; + 82 difference in kills / deaths. Denis is followed by br coldzera (13 maps; 1.32; 1.49 KD and + 105). The top two leaders are joined by a representative of a Swedish organization  se fnatic se flusha (25 maps; 1.24; 1.30 KD and + 125). Another Natus Vincere player ua ru , Yegor “flamieVasiliev (15 maps; 1.17; 1.26 KD and + 60), was among the top-10.

Since September 25, ua Natus Vincere has had a bootcamp ahead of DreamHack Masters Malmo, the first tournament after the team’s renewal. Recall that this championship will be held in Malmö (Sweden) from October 1 to 6 and will bring together sixteen teams. The prize pool of the championship will be $ 250,000. We believe that ua NAVI will be well prepared for the competition and will please the fans with a decent game! #navination