Happy birthday, Ami!

CS2 / News / 10 October 2019 — 11:11


Today is the birthday of an experienced ua NAVI.Junior coach ua Amiran "Ami" Rekhviashvili! Amiran joined our club this spring as a coach for NAVI Esports Camp project.

ua Ami stepped into CS at the beginning of 2000s. His first pro teams were ua pure Energy, which later became top-2 in Kyiv, and ua eXplosive. After the release of CS:GO, Amiran abandoned esports. However, his experience was not wasted: in 2016, ua Ami returned and went into analytics. 

Amiran has worked as a coach and an analyst for ua HellRaisers, and was a part of NAVI Esports Camp coaching staff. Currently, ua Ami is coaching the young squad of the Born to Win, with ru Kirill "Gospadarov" Gospadarov, ua Valerii "B1t" Vakhovskii and ua Ivan "kapacho" Koplenko. 

On behalf of ua Natus Vincere , we wish Amiran a happy birthday and thank him for the vast experience he's sharing with the young generation. We hope that ua Ami will have no obstacles in all his endeavors. Happy birthday! #NAVINATION