Renewed Cache available in Steam Workshop

CS2 / News / 10 October 2019 — 19:12

The new version is now available to all CS:GO players!

As the map developers promised, Cache is now publicly available on October 10th. For the first time, the map was shown at ESL One New York, where during the show match professional players played on the updated map created by FMPONE and Volcano.

Recall that Valve previously removed the map from the competitive map pool and replaced it with Vertigo. Today, a large-scale patch for Vertigo has also been released, details can be found .

The first time Cache was shown in New York, it turned out that ua s1mple's graffiti was gone. Noticing this, Sasha suggested that it was time to get a new one. However, the map designers assured: «We are still working on the final details. Don't worry, ua s1mple!». As a result, the developers kept their word and on the fourth of October, it was possible to see graffiti again in the same spot.