Pro League Season 10: fighting Chaos Esports Club

R6 / News / 14 October 2019 — 14:16

The game starts at 19:15 CEST

The last rival of gb NAVI.GG.BET at Pro League Season 10 EU will be se Chaos Esports Club. The game will be played in a Bo1 format.

Although the “yellow-blacks” have already claimed a slot in the LAN-finals of the League, but this match still plays an important role. First, if gb NAVIwins while eu Giants Gaming loses, our guys will take the first line of the table and get a nominally weaker opponent for the first game of the main event.

Second, today's opponent of our team must definitely achieve a positive result. The fact is that se Chaos Esports Club is on the 6th line with 13 points in the asset and can be overtaken by eu PENTA. In this case, Chaos will have to fight in the Relegation matches for the right to keep the spot in Pro League.

For these two reasons, the match will be very intense and interesting. Come and support gb Natus Vincere, who have already claimed a slot both forPro League LAN finals and Six Invitational 2020! #navination

Pro League Season 10 (best of 1)
October 13, 19:15 CEST
  • neLo
  • CTZN
  • Pie
  • Kendrew
  • Saves
Chaos Esports Club
  • Secretly
  • Renuilz
  • Next1
  • Vitoline