CS:GO upate: new case and capsule

CS2 / News / 19 October 2019 — 10:34

New Cache is now available!

In honor of the 20th anniversary of Counter-Strike, Valve released a special case with weapons (CS20 Case), which contains community created skins, as well as a capsule with 20 stickers (CS20 Sticker Capsule).

In addition, developers have added an updated version of the Cache to the game. The new Cache is now available on official servers, it can be tested in normal mode, Deathmatch and Scrimmage.

Recall that on June 19, Counter-Strike celebrated its 20th anniversary. Valve has added the classic version of Dust2 to CS:GO for the anniversary.


- Added a new thematic container and a capsule with stickers dedicated to the 20th anniversary of Counter-Strike.


- Cache has been updated to the latest version and is now available for playing in normal, deathmatch and scrimmage modes.


- Added launch setting for the game -lowmemworkshop to allow updating very large map files from the Steam workshop.

- Added fov_tv_debug command, which allows you to change the field of view in motion while using GOTV.

- Included additional performance optimization.